Mostly inspiration comes by the observation of human behavior and the perfection of nature. I love to mix intangible and shapeless human moods with the formal perfection of nature. I’m fascinated by the BEAUTY in its various forms and my challenge is to find it in the unexpected places. My research is similar to that of a mathematician and my goal is to demonstrate that beauty can be revealed in any place, at any time and in every way if we could train our mind to look beyond. The elements that I love to combine all come from animal and plant world, my research aims to discover the archetypes of the forms and I have always found in nature everything I have need of. I believe that if I had not started an artistic career now I would be an entomologist or a botanist. I’m fascinated by all the grace that one can find in the natural micro/ macro cosmos: all forms and colors that are present in the same way as in plants and human beings in a conception of the relationship between man and nature, much more similar to that of the precolumbian civilizations. My work explores the relationship between contemporary aesthetic canons and the dogmas of the main cultures with influences as different as Antonin Artaud and most of the writers and poets from the first ‘900 like Borges and Caesar Vallejo; new combinations are crafted from both explicit and implicit meanings. What starts out as vision soon becomes corrupted into a tragedy of greed, leaving only a sense of nihilism and the inevitability of a new understanding.

selected works - Pierluigi Fracassi.pdf

Italy 16.7.1982

group exhibitions (selected)

Sep    2013    "L'orto dell'arte" Castello Piccolomini  Ortucchio (AQ)

                      curated by Lea Contestabile & Marcello Gallucci

Apr   2013      "Lo mejorcito de cada casa" no-lugar   Sevilla (curated by Cristina Galeote)

Apr   2013      CORPO: Festival delle Arti Performative (III° ed.) travestimenti e travestitismi

                       Castello di Nocciano (PE) curated by Ivan D'Alberto e Sibilla Panerai

Gen   2013     "It's time to say goodbye"- Palazzo Zenobio, Venezia curated by Guido Cabib

Dic    2012     "It's time to say goodbye"- Changing Role gallery, Naples curated by Guido Cabib

Aug   2012    "L'orto dell'arte" Castello Piccolomini  Ortucchio (AQ)

                      curated by Lea Contestabile & Marcello Gallucci

Jun    2011     54th Biennale di Venezia - Art Academies Pavilion, Tese di San Cristoforo, Venice

May   2011    "Debut"  ex- Aurum, Pescara (curated by Sergio Sarra & Stefano Ianni)

Sep   2010     "Zona Rossa" Group exhibition in Galleria Or , Genova

Jun    2010     "Ikas-Art" Group exhibition in Bilbao exhibition center, Bilbao

Mar   2010     "Ti faccio le scarpe" Group exhibition in Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale, Palazzo                                   Brancaccio, Roma

solo exhibitions (selected)

Mar   2012    "Almanimal" No-lugar the art company, Sevilla (curated by Cristina Galeote, critical text

                      by Emily Romo)